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G21 - Viscometers

GRAPHBURY’s G21 Viscometer offers a cutting-edge technical solution to maintain parameters for viscosity and temperature (optional) of the ink under control. This can be used in various applications such as for water-based inks, solvent based inks, Electron Beam, adhesives, varnishes, hardeners, and other chemicals, meeting the needs of various industries.

The system is set up in the production line to measure viscosity. Using a vibration sensor that generates an analog signal, it connects to the control system in order to measure and maintain the desired viscosity of the product.

This digital signal is stable even during severe processes. It detects viscosity in real time and indicates the results on the touch screen, which provides continuous measurement and correction of any changes in the fluid.

This new technology from GraphBury offers the following competitive advantages: 

  • Compact design for easy installation.
  • High accuracy and reliability.
  • Wide range of viscosities, ideal for many industrial applications.
  • PLC-based robust industrial electronics, no PC issues.
  • Automatic cleaning of the entire circuit (hoses and sensors).
  • Versatile, easy operation and reduced maintenance.
  • User interface fully integrated into touchscreen.
  • Selectable colored icons for each color.
  • Instant setpoint changes.
  • Graphic display of the temperature and viscosity values.
  • Configuration parameters are password protected.



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