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G11 - Automatic Sleeve Storage System

Innovative robotic storage system to organize, vertically store and manage all the sleeves used for production in a fully automated unit that helps reduce storage space and handling time.

It has a control panel that indicates the status of the machine and the availability of space within the unit, allowing for control of your entire stock of Anilox and/or printing plates.


This new technology from GRAPHBURY offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Fully automated system
  • Robust construction with high quality materials
  • Perfect control of your sleeve stock (printer connectivity available to print listings)
  • Simple handling and easy maintenance
  • Ample storage in smaller spaces for all types of sleeves (Anilox and printing plates)

This system considerable reduces your labor and preparation times for print jobs.


We invite you to request more information about our products and services without any obligation; we will gladly provide you with more detailed information.