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G12 - Manual Sleeve Storage System

Storage system that allows you to add additional sleeve racks as necessary. It provides adjustable workspace and customizable storage capacities according to your needs.

Robust steel design that supports up to four suspended sleeve racks (made from extruded aluminum or according to your needs).

It allows easy access, identification and retrieval of sleeves, keeping them perfectly housed and protecting them from damage. Optional closet conditioning to remove contamination from outside elements.

This new technology from GRAPHBURY offers the following competitive advantages:
  • Highly economical system.
  • Flexibility and personalized solutions for projects based on customer needs.
  • Simple and maintenance-free handling.
  • Ability to quickly and economically adapt to future needs.
  • Easy control and identification of sleeves in stock.
  • Robust construction with high quality materials.
  • Ample storage capacity for small spaces and all types of sleeves.

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