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G03 - Automatic Printing Plate Washing Machine

Due to current market requirements for high print quality as well as for reducing production costs, GRAPHBURY has created an automatic cleaning system that allows you to quickly clean all the printing plates used in your plant.


This new technology from GRAPHBURY offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Economic system.
  • Fully automatic process and works on all ink types.
  • Touch screen with easy functions.
  • Saves time and simple to use, “plug and play” technology.
  • Very clean and silent system.
  • High velocity washing cycles.
  • Flexible cleaning formats.
  • Simple handling and low maintenance.
  • Absolutely safe for the surfaces being cleaned (does not generate wear on printing plates).
  • Increased production quality.
  • Reduced consumables and energy consumption.

Thanks to this innovative automatic washing system you can maintain your printing plates in optimal conditions, considerably reducing labor and down time for maintenance of printing materials.


We invite you to request more information about our products and services without any obligation; we will gladly provide you with more detailed information.