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G04 - Tunnel Washing Wachine for Printing Elements

This automatic cleaning system cleans the surfaces of all the accessories used during printing cycles (basins, scrapers, ink deposits, doctor blades, cylinders, etc.). The unit can clean any type of ink (water-based, solvent based, Electron Beam, etc.), varnishes, adhesives, etc.

The cleaning process is fast, easy, fully automatic and leaves the utensils completely clean and dry and ready for reuse.

Using a PLC and touch screen, the operator can quickly and easily configure the cleaning intensity and display the state of the machine at all times (time to completion of cycle, current and past alarm list, etc.). With the help of illuminated buttons and safety systems, operation of the unit is simplified while complying with international standards.

Thanks to the internal pipes circuit, high pressure diffusers and the horizontal carriage movement, we can obtain optimal results with a uniform, efficient and deep cleaning that accesses all the parts of the utensils. The cleaning unit also has a deposit system, valves and pressure pump that allow the recirculation and reuse of the solvent during the cleaning cycles, providing considerable savings of raw material.


This new technology from GRAPHBURY offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Fully automatic system.
  • Stainless steel construction in areas in contact with solvent.
  • Robust and durable machine.
  • Easy handling.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • High-speed washing cycles.
  • Cleaning of any ink type and color (water-based, solvent based, Electron Beam, adhesives, varnishes, etc.).
  • Does not damage the material surface and does not causes wear.
  • Recirculation system that allows a high savings of solvent.


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