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G30 – Video Inspection Systems

GRAPHBURY’s G30 INVISION is an automatic video inspection system that allows manual or automatic registration adjustments and detect imperfections on the printed job during the full printing, slittering and inspecting processes continuously throughout the passage of the substrate.



Compact, simple and inexpensive video system with 1-CCD camera, strobe module, PC and monitor, which allows freeze frame during printing for manual color registration adjustment.



Video system with 3-CCD cameras allowing frame freezing and automatic color registration.



Video system with high-end 3-CCD cameras that allows the picture freeze, automatic color registration, print defect detection and automatic adjustment pressures.

  • Control of color intensity.
  • Ink unit setting system.
  • Printing defect control.
  • Registration control.
  • Reprint function.
  • freeze frame function.
  • Images storing, positioning, etc. in gallery mode.
  • Press communication system for automatic adjustment.


This new technology from GRAPHBURY offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Continuous video inspection of the entire printing width (no horizontal movement of the camera).
  • Flexible adaptive system useful for presses, rewinders and slitters (inspection).
  • The user interface allows easy and intuitive operation of the machine without technological knowledge.
  • In addition to the standard base program, GRAPHBURY offers a package of customized programming and necessary technical support at no additional cost.
  • High quality and reliable hardware (LED lights, cameras 3-CCD High resolution, etc.).


We invite you to request more information about our products and services without any obligation; we will gladly provide you with more detailed information.