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GRAPHBURY offers a wide range of personalized services specifically targeted to their needs:

  • Maintenance of printers and peripherals.
  • Installation of new machines and / or used. New and used press retrofitting, upgrades and installations.

 Supplies products

G51 - Aluminum End Seals

GRAPHBURY manufactures customized metallic end seals (aluminum, brass, etc..) to avoid splashes in the central drum of your printer caused by the rotation of the Anilox rolls.

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We offer shutters for any make and model of printer at highly competitive prices and high quality of materials and finishes.


G52 - Doctor blade Chamber

GraphBury offers a variety of doctor blade chamber designs for the printing needs of each client.

  • Closed chambers.
  • Open chambers.
  • Variety of materials (aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, etc.).
  • For all type of presses (central drum, stack, inline, etc.).


G53 - Anilox roll and sleeve covers

GraphBury manufactures high quality fiberglass covers according to your needs to protect the anilox during handling.

  • High hardness by combining fiberglass and resin.
  • Custom designs according to your needs.
  • Lightweight materials for easy handling.



 We invite you to request more information about our products and services without any obligation; we will gladly provide you with more detailed information.